Engendered Penalties

This research project was undertaken for the Equalities Review between the period of July 14th and September 1st 2006. During this 6 week period, the researchers undertook a mixed quantitative/qualitative approach to collecting and analysing information on transgender and transsexual people’s experiences of inequality and discrimination in the UK.

This report is an analysis and summary of the results obtained, and it outlines the levels of inequality and discrimination that trans people face.

The work undertaken is certainly the largest data collection ever analysed and the largest survey response ever received when doing research on trans people’s lives. One can never claim that research data is entirely representative of a community, even less so when the community being studied consists of many small subcommunities as is the case with trans people. However, as will be alluded to in the introduction, the reality of the estimated number of transsexual people in the UK means that this piece of work reflects the experiences of a substantial section of the trans community. As such, we are proud of this research, and would claim that it is as near a reflection of the reality of trans people’s lives as is possible through data collection.

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